Do I have to be a certian level to join?

No, everyone is welcome ! All training is created to indiviual needs and goals!

Is there a fixed contract?

No! Memberhsip is on a month by month basis, but we do say that you let us know 30 days prior to cancelling, but we hope that you stay!

Can I switch between packages?

Yes! You can switch between our different packages to gain the best possible support for your needs!

Can I join even though I am part of an athletics club?

Of course! Each training plan is created for our runners individual needs. With the 1-2-1 communciation ours runners can benefit from the additonal coaching and support as well as being part of a club!

What happens if i get injured during my training?

We hope that none of our runners get injured whilst training and racing, injuires can occur when training hard! In our premium package we will plan suitable cross training for you to stay on top of your fitness! In our standard package you will be recommeded differnt types of cross training and in your next months plan cross training will be added to your training diary.

Do I have to be from the UK to join AC Performance?

No! We are a worldwide running community coaching runners all over the world

Can I change my training around my work/life commitments?

Yes! Your training can be changed very easily on training diary app and adjusted accordingly to any last-minute plans. This is only part of our Premium package.