AC Track Academy

At AC Tack Academy we want to be able to help the next generation of athletes to reach their full potential. The experience and knowledge by both coaches through their own experiences working with recreational runners to working with elite level coaches themselves has enabled them to develop their own effective and dynamic coaching philosophy.


The key fundamentals behind the philosophy is to cater to the individual needs of the athlete, with not one athlete responding in exactly the same way to another. Alongside working on different training zones to become a well rounded athlete.

If you are between 11 - 17 and are interested please get in contact.

Custom Training Plan

Online Coaching

Can I still be a member of an athletics club?

Of course! Each training plan is created for our runners individual needs. With the 1-2-1 communciation ours runners can benefit from the additonal coaching and support as well as being part of a club!

Do I have to be a certain level ?

No, everyone is welcome ! All training is created to indiviual needs and goals!

What happens if I get injured during my training?

We hope that none of our runners get injured whilst training and racing, injuires can occur when training hard! In our premium package we will plan suitable cross training for you to stay on top of your fitness! In both our coaching services you will be recommeded different types of cross training and in your next months plan cross training will be added to your training diary.

Do I have to be from the UK to join?

No! We are a worldwide running community coaching runners all over the world

Is there a fixed contract?

No! Memberhsip is on a month by month basis, but we do say that you let us know 30 days prior to cancelling, but we hope that you stay!