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Our Vision

Here at AC Performance our vision is to help people of all ability levels achieve their goals and inspire you to be the best that you can be. We want to provide an unforgettable experience that will allow you to understand the physical, mental and social benefits that running can bring to you.


Many people want to get into a new exercise regime for various reasons however the majority of these tend to fall into the bracket of not knowing where to start or how to progress what they may have started. Which could lead to following programs in exercise magazines, blogs etc. But these methods will only leave you with what if thoughts and hoping for the best of maybe running a quicker Parkrun time or perhaps loosing the weight you've been wanting to loose for awhile.

AC performance are here to design specific training programmes for you, where we will breakdown the components for you to understand the journey that you are on to achieving your best results, as our main priority is for you as part of AC performance to strive for greatness. 

We are also huge believers of a great coach athlete relationship as this is a key factor to success regardless of outcome goals or an individuals ability. A coach is more than someone just setting the training programmes as Amy and Corey have found from their own coaches and from others they have met along the way from around the world. Is that a coach can help you to understand yourself better, they allow you to grow and become a better person, you can gain new skills or information just from what they have learnt from their own personal experiences as athletes and now coaches.

Therefore by working as a team and being part of AC Performance great things can be accomplished.

The Coaches

Amy Griffiths

Nutrition Diploma 

Psychology Graduate

Great Britain International 



Euro Junior 1500m Silver Medallist 

World Junior Finalist 

Euro Junior Cross Country 5th

Multi Euro Team Medallist  


2.04 800

4.09 1500

9.10 3k

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Corey De'Ath

Strength & Conditioning Graduate

Qualified England Athletics Coach 

England International



14.17 5k

29.56 10k

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With over 20+ years and counting experience as elite international athletes Corey and Amy have both represented their country and have had great success when doing so, running against some of the best athletes in the world. Both Corey and Amy have vast amounts of experience in the sport training and racing with other elite international athletes and working with their own coaches, who were great international athletes back when they competed.

Being in this sporting environment and witnessing great success when following a training plan and getting an understanding of different training methods is a passion we both share, not only to progress our own athletic careers but also to help develop other individuals goals that they aspire to achieve. Wether these are long or short term we are 100% committed to making them become a reality.

Corey has recently had coaching experience at Brentford Football Club assisting the Strength & Conditioning and Sport Science departments with the everyday goings on in a football club. Corey has graduated in Strength & Conditioning Science at St Mary's University. Therefore when joining the team you will be in the presence of a coach that holds invaluable knowledge that can be utilised by yourself's for that extra advantage to achieving your end goals.


Nutrition at any level in sport is extremely important as you need to be fuelling you body correctly to ensure that you are fit and healthy, therefore with Amy having a diploma in nutrition from St Marys University you as athletes will be able to get the nutritional advice you require. Amy has recently completed her Sport Psychology degree adding this to her growing list of attributes and available for you to utilised as the AC performance team.